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How To Use Linkedin Company Pages

How to Use LinkedIn Company Pages to Grow Your Personal Brand

If you are a sales professional or “intrepreneur” and work for a parent organization, promoting your product or service will look different than those that are “entrepreneurs” and have full control over their social media messaging.  As an employee, there are likely some brand standards that you need to adhere to when it comes to sharing professional content.  However there are some incredible opportunities for you to use the great platforms created by your parent organization; opportunities that can help you grow your sales and your personal brand.

Your company’s LinkedIn page is one of these great tools in your personal branding toolbox.  Your company’s page gives you incredible content options as you create your own content calendar.  You also have access to connect with the marketing leaders at your organization, and position yourself as a thought leader yourself.   Learn how to use LinkedIn company pages to boost your sales and your personal brand.

How to Use LinkedIn Company Pages to Grow Your Personal Brand

  1. Share Company posts about new innovations, updates and product enhancements – creating daily and weekly content for LinkedIn can often prove challenging, so piggyback off the great work your organization is doing on their LinkedIn company page by sharing their content.  Better yet, share with some insights directly for your ideal client.
  2. Share Company’s CSR initiatives – if your company is actively engaged in a strong Corporate Social Responsibility culture, ensure that you share this information with your network.  Many decision-makers find great value in a company’s CSR iniatives.  Share the initiatives humbly and show the impact to a community.  If you can tie in the CSR initiatives to your ideal client, even better!
  3. Like, Comment and Share your colleagues LinkedIn posts and content – Your colleagues may be creating some great content for LinkedIn; piggyback on the goodies by liking, commenting and sharing their posts.  It’s goodwill for your colleague’s profile, goodwill for your company by showcasing their talent, and goodwill for you showing the collaboration and community built within your company.  Again, many decision-makers will see this united front as an asset, and may choose to work with your company based on these small gestures of teamwork.
  4. Create content and tag your company – If your content relates directly to your product or service, ensure you tag your company’s page as well.  Both your post and your company’s profile will benefit from the social media love
  5. Create content for your company page about your department – Especially if you work at larger organizations, your company’s social media and communications team may not be creating content specifically for your target audience.  Help your organization out by helping them understand your department’s role in revenue-generation.  Collaborate with them on content that speaks directly to your ideal client, and then of course, comment and share this very-rich content with your community.


Bonus Tip!  If you are an administrator of your company’s page, you have the ability to invite your connections to follow the company page (100 invitations per month).  Learn some best practices about setting up your own company page from LinkedIn here.


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