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*FREE QUIZ* Find Your Personal Branding Strength! 😀

Hey there, I’m Leanne!

If you’d handed me a teacup and a cozy corner over a grand stage a decade ago, I’d have picked the former without hesitation. And guess what? I’d still choose that today. Because, while I love helping people elevate their personal brands on platforms like LinkedIn, at heart, I am, and always have been, a tea-drinking, unabashed introvert. Cheers to that!

But I’m also driven to create an impact with my work…. which brings me to branding….

My career journey began in the bustling, vibrant and noisy world of meetings and events – an industry built on bringing people together. While it might seem like an extrovert’s dream (and often is), it was here that I honed my superpower: the quiet impact of an introvert.

Even in an extroverted industry, your voice doesn’t need to be the loudest to make an impact. Sometimes, the most profound statements are often whispered.

I built a successful business that relied on sales acumen, a skill I lacked in great measure.   But I figured out a way to thrive and succeed, creating a robust 6-figure business without the sales tactics that had this introvert running for the hills.

Was I smarter than the rest of my industry colleagues?  Nope, not even close.

Was I more savvy in my sales messaging than my competitors? Sooooo far from it….

Did I have all the answers?  Heck no!

The only competitive advantage I had was simple.

I showed up!

I showed up for an industry that thrives on relationships.  I showed up authentic to who I was, creating a safe space for others to also share their story.  I showed up and honed my branding voice and content skills,  to help others thrive at work and in their career.

Now, I channel my energy, slightly sarcastic humor, and hard-earned wisdom into teaching fellow introverts the art of “Shining Quietly”. Through LinkedIn, personal branding, and content creation, I guide you to find your unique rhythm in this dance of personal and corporate branding. 

So, if you’ve ever felt the pull to create an impactful personal brand but hesitated, fearing the spotlight’s glare, remember this: even in silence, we can resonate.

Together, let’s amplify the power of quiet strength.

Cheers to the journey ahead, and to every introvert ready to embrace their brand with pride. 

To your success,

My PB5D Framework

My Five Pillar Personal Branding Framework is the recipe for that secret sauce and I’m here to share it all with you.  Through my blog posts, videos, digital courses and training services, I’m here to help you find your voice in your branding journey so you can experience more leads and opportunities.

In the same way I showed up for my industry colleagues, clients and friends, I will show up for you here.  Welcome, new friend!

How to learn more about the framework...

Brand Plan Academy is an on-demand digital course designed to simplify the world of personal branding, and help professionals create a sustainable and exciting brand.  Doors are open only a few times a year!

Workshops around Branding and Content Creation are offered throughout the year – put your name on the “first in line” list here!

Can’t wait for the next course or workshop?  Get caught up on the latest via the blog!