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gift wrapped

Finding the perfect client gift

Tis the season of gift giving, and hotel and DMO partners can be incredibly generous this time of year. It certainly is not the reason many of us became event planners and buyers, but suppliers can definitely leave a favourable…

pitfalls when working from home image

Pitfalls of working from home

Up to this point, I’ve really made working from home sound kind of idyllic and perfect. It can be, and for my lifestyle it’s a perfect fit. It can, however, come with its share of pitfalls and disadvantages. Whether you’ve…

productive team meeting image

How To Host a Productive Team Meeting

They say “time is money”; the irony is sometimes our time can be wasted at work, especially with internal team meetings.  Meetings are meant to be productive, focused get-togethers that push agenda items forward and with great purpose.  Sadly, sometimes…

reasons to work from home image

Reasons to Work From Home

Are you struggling to complete your to-do list every single day given your work situation? Do you long to spend more time at home with your pets or family? Are your cubicle office’s beige walls draining you of creativity? Do…