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gifts for meeting planners

Gifts for Meeting Planners that WOW

Trying to impress meeting and event planners with perfect client gifts is no easy feat!  They are inundated every day with new, creative, cutting edge ideas that they can implement with their delegates, so trying to find that sweet spot and appreciate their business in a unique way is tough!  I get it!  We see a lot of cool things!  We’re all in an industry that creates WOW experiences for our delegates, and finding gifts for meeting planners that WOWs them may seem like an impossible task.

But there’s hope, and help out there, if you’re trying to find a way to recognize a meeting planner’s business and giving them a token that will help them remember you for months and years to come.

I started this dialogue with a blog post a few months back about ideas for client gifts, you may want to check out that post as we dive into ways to really put the WOW factor into your perfect client gifts.

How to create gifts for meeting planners that WOW:

  1. Make it creative – Creativity is defined as “the ability to make new things or think of new ideas”.   With client gifts, it can go as far as making the token new, or perhaps the presentation of the token is what is new and unique.  Being creative in presentation can take a seemingly simple gift idea, and turn it into WOW very quickly!
  2. Create suspense – I recently received an envelope containing two additional envelopes inside – one envelope stated “open me first” and the other “open me second.”.  It created intrigue, suspense and excitement as I went from one envelope to another.  Two envelopes, that’s it.  That’s all it took to heighten my senses and get my adrenaline flowing.
  3. Make it personal – Nothing leaves a lasting impact more than a token that the recipient knows was “for them.”  Knowing your client’s likes, dislikes and passions can help tailor a token to be more than just a physical item, but a keepsake and lasting token of our friendship and business relationship with them.
  4. Make it exclusive – I love that word…. exclusive…. what thoughts and feelings do you go through when you see the word “exclusive”.  You can build that excitement and personalized experience by using the word itself, or eluding to it in some manner in the token.  VIP access to events is a great example of exclusivity.

Below are some ideas that can speak to each of the 4 WOW words when looking at your next perfect client gifts:


  • colourful packaging, boxes and ribbons on your gifts OR
  • plain packaging may be just as creative (and weave in some suspense as well)
  • local artisan goodies including jams, lotions, snacks etc


  • a card or note eluding to a “special experience” or “surprise” when they arrive at their upcoming site visit or FAM
  • creating a treasure hunt of sorts to get to the surprise


  • coffee/tea blends
  • wine flights
  • treats for the kids/spouses/pets
  • framed sport card from their favourite team, or framed pic of family
  • simple, elegant local jewelry or makeup oddities


  • special release wines
  • VIP access tickets
  • Chef’s table
  • coffee with an industry expert or mentor
  • signed copies of books

Here are a few links from CNBC and Event Manager Blog that show how to personalize gifts and recycle some old favourites.

While a majority of these ideas above may take more time than simply delivering the “same old same old” client gifts to your clients’ offices, that time spent is time WELL spent and can return to you tenfold in ROI.


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