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strategic projects for the hotel industry

Strategic Projects for the Meetings Industry

Hey #eventprofs and #hotelprofs peeps, I’ve received a few questions about my posts on productivity where I talk about tackling strategic projects during slower times of the year, travelling for business, or simply carving out some time in your calendar to tackle high-return projects.  What kinds of strategic projects are there for hotel sales, or other meeting partners in the industry?

Well, my friends, there are LOTS of fun (tongue in cheek) projects that you can tackle during slower sales cycles.

Strategic Projects for Hotel Sales and Other Meeting Industry Partners

  1. Beef up your LinkedIn profile – Set aside some time to evaluate your current LinkedIn profile and follow some best practices for ideal profile and engagement.  Follow some of the tips I’ve outlined in my LinkedIn blog post for the meetings industry, or take a look at some of the articles written by Michaela Alexis and Melonie Dodaro on LinkedIn effectiveness.
  2. Refine your inbound marketing campaign – if you are prospecting for new business, having a robust contact campaign is a great way to keep your selling efforts organized, and communicate the ideas that will best break through to your prospects.  Polish off your campaign and test out some new ideas!  Colleen Francis with Engage Selling has some really great tips on how you can work on your sales activity during slower seasons.
  3. Refine your referral campaign – Warm business referrals are a lot easier to cultivate into new clients versus colder prospects.  Start, or refine, your strategy for connecting with current clients about referring your services and organization to other like-minded individuals.
  4. Do up a business, or career plan – Its never too late in the year or career for you to start setting some goals and looking at ways to accomplish them within a certain timeframe.  Download my Smokin’ Sales Business Plan if you’re looking for a good place to start!
  5. Read a (nonfiction) book – I have never, ever, heard a successful employed person say “I spent too much time reading today” (well, maybe book editors…. at least I hope so).  We all wish we had more time to read and implement success strategies from others, now is the time to dive in with a stack of post-it notes and journal paper!
  6. Learn about social media and personal branding – Chances are your property, destination, organization or service has some social media accounts and presence.  Take some time to see what they are putting out to the public, and see how you can piggyback on that content to grow your client-base and personal brand.  Work with your social media manager to find ways you can put out on-point content through your social media channels.
  7. Volunteer – Giving of your time and talents can do a lot for your career – it can bolster confidence and self-esteem, it can infuse your day with energy and creativity, and it can lead to new relationships and friendships.  Volunteering to help others is also an investment in yourself :)
  8. Entertain clients and build relationships – trust is built with clients and prospects when you spend “time” with them.  Trust can be cultivated with online presence, email and phone calls, or face-to-face interactions.  Carve out some time to build trust with your clients during slower times of the year.
  9. Take a course or attend a conference – And I’m not talking about the regular roster of conferences you attend as a meeting partner; I want you to take some time to identify learning opportunities that YOU want to take, to build YOUR skill set and talents.  Do it for yourself!

Strategic projects are predominantly for YOU; to help push you forward in your role, your career or in your personal life.  Carving out time in your day and week to do these high-return activities is not selfish; quite the contrary!  These high-return, high-importance activities will fill your creativity and energy banks; and you’ll experience more job satisfaction and happiness.  Best of luck this season!

smokin sales business plan

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