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Tips For A Successful Morning Routine

Tips for a Successful Morning Routine

Morning is my favourite time of day!  Its when I have the most energy, its when I have the highest hopes for the outcome of my day!  However, a good day doesn’t happen by accident; it takes place with careful design including a good morning routine.  Here is what I do to ensure I set my day off on the right foot:

Morning Routine Tips:

  • Give thanks – whether through prayer, journaling, or meditation, please give thanks for all you have. This will include your blessings and positive outcomes, but also your current challenges, hardships and failures.  While it may be hard to give thanks during the tough times, the growth you will see as a person through the hardship will have lasting positive affects on your life.  Be thankful for the strength you have been given to get through the tough times.
  • Don’t open email – I struggle with this too, TRUST ME. I can sometimes let technology rule over me, something I’m working on thanks to a great resource called the 5 choices (my blog post about 5 Choices found here).  Keep a clear head for as long as you can by not opening your email and getting derailed by items you may feel are urgent, but are not compared to your other priorities.
  • Exercise – Some people exercise better at night; however the physical benefits of exercise can be felt throughout the day if you exercise in the morning. Tom Rath speaks to these day-long benefits of energy and clarity of thought in his amazing books “Fully Charged” and “Wellbeing” (see books at bottom of post)
  • Cup of warm lemon water – I’m a self-professed tea fanatic, so starting my day with warm lemon water is a must-do. There are TONS of amazing health benefits to drinking warm lemon water including aiding in weight loss by increasing your metabolism, aids in digestion, promotes healthier skin, and a needed vitamin C boost.
  • Review daily goals – This is your map for the day. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you schedule time in your day to tackle your goals with limited distractions.  If it’s a Monday, take a look at your weekly goals as well and schedule them in your calendar.

By employing these tricks, you are setting up yourself for a successful and productive day!  What are your morning routine habits?


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