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Why Your Personal Brand Isn't Set in Stone: The Freedom to Evolve as an Introvert in Business

Changing Up Your Personal Brand

Hey there, all you wonderful introverts, cautious optimists, and hesitant brand-builders! Do you ever find yourself sitting with a warm cup of tea, scrolling through LinkedIn, and thinking, "Yikes! What if I start building a personal brand and then decide…

7 Reasons to Batch Your LinkedIn Content

7 Reasons to Batch Your LinkedIn Content

It was the one content principle that changed everything for me. Before this came into my life, I was a bundle of nerves, and my creativity suffered greatly. I suffered from angst and anxiety every morning, stressed about what to…

creating a personal brand on a budget

Create a Personal Brand on a Budget

Whether an entrepreneur or an intrepreneur, personal branding comes at a cost.  It takes time to build a brand, as well as talent and tools to create the resources required to amplify your brand.  In fact, one of the biggest…