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Why Your Personal Brand Isn't Set in Stone: The Freedom to Evolve as an Introvert in Business

Changing Up Your Personal Brand

Hey there, all you wonderful introverts, cautious optimists, and hesitant brand-builders! Do you ever find yourself sitting with a warm cup of tea, scrolling through LinkedIn, and thinking, "Yikes! What if I start building a personal brand and then decide…

Tips for Engaging LinkedIn Connections

Tips for Engaging LinkedIn Connections

The meetings and events industry is hanging out on LinkedIn. As the world's largest B2B platform, meeting planners and hospitality professionals are using LinkedIn to connect with clients, prospects, industry thought leaders, and advocates. While scrolling the home feed for…

are you ready to build your personal brand

Are You Ready to Build a Personal Brand?

If you're in sales or hospitality, you've seen the importance of building a personal brand, and how it can speed up the path-to-purchase for your clients and customers.  You've likely seen industry colleagues and professionals take charge of their own…