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Setting Three Goals

Setting Three Goals Instead of One for Meeting Partners and Planners

Why Set One Goal When You Can Set Three?

I’m a slave to my goals; its not a healthy relationship and I’m working hard to become more “flexible” when it comes to my goals.  But I’m wired in a way that if I don’t set goals, in everything I do, I have no road map for success.  Its imperative to my business, or any performance endeavour I take on.  I used to become very frustrated with my goals; if I actually met my goal, then I thought I didn’t set it high enough.  If I didn’t meet my goal, then utter depression.  There HAD to be a way to become more balanced with goal setting.  I suspect goal setting for my meeting partner friends needs this balance as well!

Enter my NUMBER ONE RULE for Goal Setting – Don’t Set One Goal, Set Three.

Don’t Set One Goal, Set Three.

When setting your goals for the year, do not set one stand-alone objective goals, but rather set a Meet Goal, an Exceed Goal and a Far Exceed Goal.

By setting THREE goals versus one goal, you “scale” your performance and reduce the potential of frustration, or the feeling that you didn’t strive hard enough.  Here’s how it works:

Goal setting for Meeting Partners and Planners:

Before we define our 3 goals, its important to remember the universal truths about successful goal setting.  Goals must be Smart – Specific, Measurable (objective, numbers) Attainable or Agreed Upon, Realistic, and Time-based.

How then do we decide what falls into Meet, Exceed and Far Exceed?

Meet Goals – these goals stretch you beyond what you did last year, typically by 3-15% depending on last year’s goals and your opportunity to excel further.  Setting this goal should make you feel like “yes, I can do this.  It’s more than last year and will require me to stretch in order to meet it.”

Rewards for this goal can simply be the acknowledgement that you a better version of yourself.  You may decide to assign a physical reward to this goal, or the simple act of knowing you hit it may be enough.

Exceed Goals – these goals stretch you beyond your meet goals, to a place where you know you will have to sacrifice some comforts in order to reach it.  They should be 15-30% more than last year’s actuals.  I recommend assigning a physical reward to this goal – you  will need to work hard to hit this goal, and you will have earned your reward.

Far Exceed – these goals will make you say “there’s no effing way I’m going to hit it, but wouldn’t it be cool?”.  You’re really going to have to stretch beyond your comfort zone to hit this goal, which should be 30%+ over your previous year’s goal.  This one is going to make you SUPER uncomfortable, and you may have to sacrifice something to get there.  The reward for this should be significant and worth striving for!

By setting three goals, you can no longer question the validity of the goal – you either meet it, or exceed it – but no longer wonder if the goal was aggressive enough, or too aggressive.

The best thing you can do for yourself once you meet, exceed or far exceed your goals is to CELEBRATE!!  Far too often we dismiss our success and quickly move on to the next project.  We all need to pause, reflect on our success and celebrate it!  This is healthy goal-setting behaviour and encourages us to set more goals and strive for more success!

Ready to put Goals as Easy as 1,2,3 into action?  Download this worksheet to help you map out your Meet, Exceed and Far Exceed goals. The worksheet also includes reminder questions to ask yourself as well as check-in points for the year on your goal.

How do YOU like to celebrate your goals??

Setting Goals Easy as 1,2,3


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Setting Goals Easy as 1,2,3

Goals don't SUCK!

Think goal setting is only for geeks?  Well, you'd be right - join our club of geekiness and set goals to help push YOU forward in your business and personal life.  The Rule of Three for setting goals will ensure they are realistic (and come with celebration!)

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