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How are YOU spending your time?
How are YOU spending your time?
Find the secrets here!
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Want to make better use of your time?

I want that for you too!

Download my “Making Choices With Your Time” worksheet and start using the tips to optimize your day, your week and your year to get on track to meeting and exceeding your goals!

Save time using proven strategies

Set achievable and actionable goals

Find new ways to grow your business

About Leanne Calderwood

Hey friends, as a former meeting planner and now a hotel site selection professional with 20 years experience, I get to work with fantastic meeting partners like you every single day.  I’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, the truly eye-rolling and the absolute blow-me-away best in the industry.  Where do we as meeting partners go to share this knowledge with one another?  Not many places, so I’ve created one for you here!

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