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6 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Job

Its time to move on.  I’ve finalized the paperwork, I’ve wrapped up loose ends and I’m heading out.  I’ve left my job on my own volition, and its a liberating and frightening feeling!  It was time for me to go, and the process left me wondering what others go through when they decided to leave their previous positions.  Why did YOU leave your job?

During my final days at the organization I’d been at for the past 11 years, I found myself looking back at all the great (and not-so-great) memories and experiences I had with them.  Its a bittersweet goodbye – I met lots of great people there and I will miss them dearly.  You can likely say the same about organizations you’ve been a part of in the past, or perhaps about your organization now.

But my future is calling.  You know that voice, have you heard it once or twice in your life as well?  There are times when you know that you need to go.  Maybe your future is calling you as well.  You need to GROW.  You need to shake the moss off your feet and look for other adventures.

While I cannot condone job jumping where you go from one position to the next repeatedly, there are reasons, good reasons, why you should leave your job:

Why should you leave your job?

  1. Its time to grow – if you find you are stagnant in your role or organization, then its time to seek more stimulating opportunities.  Life is too short to remain stagnant.  Fulfillment from work comes when you are exercising your strengths, and you will find you start to resent both your work and your organization if you remain in a job that does not tap into your potential.
  2. Its time to connect – new adventures bring new people!  Numerous studies have shown that people leave their jobs because of their boss or leader.  It may not be about having a bad boss, but you may crave NEW leadership and mentorship, as well as new colleagues and clients.   New people bring new learning, new insights, new energy!  Drop mic.
  3. Be fair to your organization – yes, this is a BIG ONE.  Your organization, whether you like them or not, they deserve your BEST.  If you’ve fallen out of love with them and are no longer passionate about your role or your company, its time to leave your job and “set them free” to fall in love with someone else.  They deserve better than your half-ass effort.  They crave energy as much as you do.
  4. Be selfless– while this may raise eyebrows, I think its all of our moral responsibility to be fair to our role.  If you don’t like your role, you are taking up a space that a number of other people would LOVE to fill.  Give them that opportunity!  You don’t like it anyways, so release yourself from the pain and allow that role and organization to flourish under someone else’s tutelage.
  5. Be fair to your family and friends – chances are, if you’re not happy, it trickles into the other areas of your life.  Your friends and family want you happy; they will support you in whatever you do, but secretly they are rooting for you to find somewhere where you are happy and fulfilled in your work.
  6. Be fair to your clients – like everyone else in your circle, your clients also deserve your best.  If you feel you are giving them only a portion of what they deserve as trusted clients and friends, put yourself somewhere where they get the authentic and energized version of you. When you leave your job and find a new home, they will see a re-energized you and want to do business with you!

Change is scary.  While I love change, not knowing what tomorrow will bring can create anxiety in anyone.  The key is to channel that feeling into a time of learning and renewal, and prepare yourself for the adventure ahead.  The most exciting times of my life have been where I am right now – in flux and transition.  Its not for everyone, but I truly love this part of life’s journey and I’m excited to see what lies ahead for me.  How about you?  Are you at this crossroad as well?  Are you ready to leave your job?


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